Your vision

What could an “urban food network” mean to you?

Express yourself visually using art, sketches, photography, design, poetry or even plans.

We want to see what a regenerative urban food network could look like, how it might work, or what it might mean to you – your household – your community or even for the whole of South Australia itself.

[This page would be a “call to action” to encourage people to submit/upload their own images (most likely drawings?) of a regenerative urban food network. We would first have to upload some images from ourselves to begin populating the page – and have a process for submission which was relatively quick but doesn’t let through any unsavoury images (human review process? possibly a pain).

Hopefully it will quickly become a colourful and every expanding collection of images. Perhaps some could be selected as particularly interesting showcase pieces? It also means that the website will have to handle lots of images. Maybe some picture size restriction? Would author names be visible? E.g. first names only]