Koren Helbig

Koren Helbig

“We all have to eat – yet the food so many of us consume daily is grown, packaged and transported in ways that aren’t good for people or our environment. Shifting to a more regenerative, local food system – especially in urban areas – is a profoundly positive act that we can all take part in.” Role: Network communications team manager Koren Helbig is a storyteller, communications consultant and digital marketer based in Adelaide. She currently handles marketing nationally for Milkwood and consults for several other ace businesses, largely focusing on those… Read More

Christy Spier

“I love discovering all the people who are already growing local, urban food systems. I am privileged to work towards systems that regenerate and to keep learning from the natural world.” Role: Network facilitator and ‘Community Groups’ Connector Christy is an Urban Sustainability Coordinator with Natural Resourses Adelaide and Mount Lofty Ranges and facilitator here at SA Urban Food Network. She is currently the SA representative for Community Gardens Australia and supports her local community garden when she can. Christy grew up in the creek beds of Ernabella, an Aboriginal community in… Read More

Linda Crutchett

“I am hopeful that my grandchildren and future generations will know the pleasure of eating fruit plucked from the tree and the joy of sharing seasonal feasts that they have cooked from scratch.” Role: Coordinating Group member and ‘Eaters’ Connector With over 30 years’ experience working in food, health and equity, Linda is passionate about quality, delicious food.  Her career has ranged from dietetic health services, community health promotion, state-wide health policy and national food regulation in Australia.  While living in Glasgow, she was able to pursue a career shift based on… Read More

Dr Georgia Csortan

“There are too many amazing urban food projects, experiments and creations happening for us not to have a way to connect. I hope this network can help people connect, learn and work better together.” Role: Coordinating Group member; ‘Researchers’ Connector and ‘Suppliers’ Connector Georgia has a background in sustainable environments and environmental science, specialising in quantitative, in-field measurements of the inputs and outputs of urban food production (urban agriculture). She recently completed her PhD research on the productivity, resource efficiency and social value of urban food gardens in South Australia. Georgia is also… Read More

Dr Keri Chiveralls

“I am passionate about growing the urban food movement and helping create change for a better world.” Role: Coordinating Group member and ‘Educators’ Connector Keri has more than 15 years’ experience as a researcher and educator, with a background in social science and an interest in environmental anthropology, social movement studies and theories of social change. She is Founder and Senior Consultant for Dream Awake: Research, Education and Design (DARED), which specialises in regenerative design, research and education beyond sustainability. Prior to this, she was Head of Program and Discipline Leader of Permaculture… Read More

Dr James Ward

“I really believe there is potential for a reawakening of our food system around smaller and more local production and distribution – from backyard to community-scale – to engage more people in our food supply while increasing its resilience and long-term sustainability.” Role: Coordinating Group member and ‘Researcher’ Connector James is a full-time academic at the University of South Australia, where he’s lucky enough to do a wide range of research in the hope of contributing to an informed vision of a more sustainable world. The work James does spans different scales, from… Read More

Priscilla Buckley

“This is the moment when what we need most is enough people with the skill, heart, and wisdom to help us pull ourselves back from the edge of breakdown and onto a different path. Never doubt that a small group of committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” – Otto Sharmer Role: Coordinating Group member and ‘Farmers’ Connector Priscilla is founder and farmer at Adelaide Urban Food Mosaic. Although AUFM is in its’ infancy, Priscilla’s grand vision is to see a mosaic of interconnected, supportive and… Read More

Professor Drew Dawson

“What does it mean to have a full fridge? What does it mean to have food left over at the end of a meal? We really need to understand the cultural values that sit around food.” Role: Coordinating Group member Drew is Director of the Appleton Institute, a multi-disciplined research institute based at the Adelaide campus of CQUniversity Australia. While the Institute pursues research in many areas, most projects fall under the umbrella of applied behavioural research – why we do what we do, and what can we do to change the… Read More