Linda Crutchett

I am hopeful that my grandchildren and future generations will know the pleasure of eating fruit plucked from the tree and the joy of sharing seasonal feasts that they have cooked from scratch.”

Role: Coordinating Group member and ‘Eaters’ Connector

With over 30 years’ experience working in food, health and equity, Linda is passionate about quality, delicious food. 

Her career has ranged from dietetic health services, community health promotion, state-wide health policy and national food regulation in Australia. 

While living in Glasgow, she was able to pursue a career shift based on her love of growing and cooking food, working with groups establishing community gardens and food hubs.

Now back in Adelaide, Linda is combining her passions and experiences to consider how an alternative food system can support an equitable society, healthy environment and meaningful life – and, of course, delicious fresh food to celebrate. 

Linda works as the Project Manager at the Food Embassy. She’s also an accredited and practising dietitian and has a certificate in narrative therapy and health administration.

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