Dr Georgia Csortan

“There are too many amazing urban food projects, experiments and creations happening for us not to have a way to connect. I hope this network can help people connect, learn and work better together.”

Role: Coordinating Group member; ‘Researchers’ Connector and ‘Suppliers’ Connector

Georgia has a background in sustainable environments and environmental science, specialising in quantitative, in-field measurements of the inputs and outputs of urban food production (urban agriculture).

She recently completed her PhD research on the productivity, resource efficiency and social value of urban food gardens in South Australia.

Georgia is also keenly interested in science communication – for science to be meaningful, relevant and useful it needs to be effectively communicated. She writes a science blog on the different aspects of clear communication, whether visual, verbal or written, with ideas, tips and stories of remarkable communicators plus her own experiences.

Twitter: @Urb_AgSci
Website: www.urbanagscientist.com

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