Dr James Ward

“I really believe there is potential for a reawakening of our food system around smaller and more local production and distribution – from backyard to community-scale – to engage more people in our food supply while increasing its resilience and long-term sustainability.”

Role: Coordinating Group member and ‘Researcher’ Connector

James is a full-time academic at the University of South Australia, where he’s lucky enough to do a wide range of research in the hope of contributing to an informed vision of a more sustainable world.

The work James does spans different scales, from global problems – chiefly “limits to growth” and constraints to world energy resources – through to local solutions, with a particular focus on sustainable food systems.

As an environmental engineer, his big interest is ‘crunching the numbers’ on urban agriculture, in terms of how much food can be grown with the constrained resources we have in cities.

Twitter: @dr_james_ward
Website: people.unisa.edu.au/james.ward

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