Professor Drew Dawson

“What does it mean to have a full fridge? What does it mean to have food left over at the end of a meal? We really need to understand the cultural values that sit around food.”

Role: Coordinating Group member

Drew is Director of the Appleton Institute, a multi-disciplined research institute based at the Adelaide campus of CQUniversity Australia.

While the Institute pursues research in many areas, most projects fall under the umbrella of applied behavioural research – why we do what we do, and what can we do to change the way people do things.

As part of the Appleton research agenda, Drew has a long-term interest in environmental psychology and has undertaken a range of projects related to food waste behaviour and how to change it at the community level.

As part of his responsibilities as director, Drew has worked extensively with community groups helping them to prepare grants and seek funding from government and philanthropic agencies.

He runs several professional development programs around Australia for people seeking funding and has a special interest in how best to pitch a grant and construct a compelling narrative that appeals to funding bodies.

On weekends he is a bag golfer and only marginally better gardener.

Website: The Appleton Institute

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