‘Suppliers’ provide all the needs of our local food system, including all farming inputs (such as water, seed, sunlight, biodiversity, land, nutrients, chemicals, labour and experience) and also things like technology, tools and business systems.

Below you’ll find every local resource we currently know about that will help you as an Supplier – or as someone seeking to grow your own knowledge around our local supply system.


Food South Australia

Food South Australia

Food South Australia is an independent, industry-led and membership-based organisation representing South Australia’s food and beverage manufacturing companies. It also hosts the South Australian Premier’s Food and Beverage Industry Awards Program and Eat Local SA.

Check out their excellent resources page, find information on current grants and how to apply, and see their useful member directories of fruit and vegetable suppliers and service providers.

Open Food Network

Open Food Network Australia

The non-profit Open Food Network is building a new food system that is fair, local, and transparent. The organisation produces resources and runs events and projects that help community food enterprises thrive.

At the heart is an open-source platform that aims to enable new and ethical supply chains between farmers and eaters. Food producers can sell online, and wholesalers can manage buying groups and supply through networks of food hubs and shops. Communities can bring together producers to create a virtual farmers’ market, building a resilient local food economy.


Which Bin?

Which Bin?

The SA Government’s excellent Which Bin? campaign help residents untangle what waste goes in which bin.

It’s well worth following the Which Bin? Facebook page, where common recycling, organics and landfill questions are regularly answered and demystified.

Share Waste


ShareWaste is a volunteer-run international community network and a free app that connects people through urban composting. It helps people who would like to compost their green scraps (rather than chuck them in the bin) connect with neighbours who have composting bins, worm farms or chooks and are willing to accept their waste. Membership is free.

As you can see below, the Share Waste map includes many compost piles and chook yards across Adelaide.

Help us uncover those working towards a regenerative
local food system. Do you know of something we should add here?


‘Connectors’ are South Australians who volunteer their time to help link our network, providing information, contacts and connections to our members.

Dr Georgia Csortan

Georgia has a background in sustainable environments and environmental science, specialising in quantitative, in-field measurements of the inputs and outputs of urban food production (urban agriculture).

She also runs hands-on composting workshops and is interested in the issue of food waste in our cities and urban areas.

Have a question for Georgia? Join our network to gain Connector access, then email using the subject line ‘Suppliers’.

Are you our missing Connector?

We are looking for another Connector – are you interested or already engaged in this space? Do you have good connections with others? Or do you keep up with relevant events?

Then please – get in touch by emailing us:

What’s involved? Less than an hour a month (when needed) responding to questions and letting us know about resources or events within your food space.


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