Kylie Markow

“Urban food production has so many benefits – for our environment, communities and local economy. I hope the Urban Food Network can be a conduit to connect interested people and help generate a coordinated approach towards a thriving urban food movement in South Australia.”

Role: Writes our member newsletters

Kylie has a background in nutrition and health promotion and has developed a strong interest in local, sustainable food systems and their associated environmental, social and economic benefits.

She has completed a degree in Nutrition & Dietetics, with her honours project examining the accessibility of community-based food systems for low socioeconomic groups.

Kylie can be seen early on a Saturday morning hauling marquees and trestles around as she helps set up for the Willunga Farmers Market, or assisting one of their stallholders to sell their beautiful produce to the community.

She enjoys tinkering in her own veggie patch, experimenting with wicking beds and new veggies she’s never grown before. She loves sitting down to a meal made from her own homegrown veggies and produce from her valued local farmers.

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